Ipsissimis Verbis Writing Service

When moving from the thinnest of air
to the finest of paper, your ideas need translation.
You want their story told in all its colors, and verbatim: to the word, even to the letter. That’s why we call our writing service Ipsissimis Verbis.

Just think about it. Words themselves are tricky things. They are more fluid and fundamental than any other form of commerce. Every day is spent immersed in them, and yet they cannot be fully known. Their contact with us is constantly changing and evolving. It is a dynamic exchange that is both tangible and illusive. New ones are born. Old ones die. They carry unique histories, face uncertain futures. We search for just the right ones: colorful and commanding descriptors that stand out from the crowd, or sturdy prim administrators that organize the lines. Yet often it is the quiet wallflower who brings the meaning home.

Words are the stuff your dreams are made of, and that is why we use each one carefully, word for word. Our job, as we see it, is to guarantee that their form fits your function, their symbol meets your situation, and their meaning reveals your mission.